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Protection Necklace, ObsidianProtection Necklace, Obsidian
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Strength Bracelet, Red GarnetStrength Bracelet, Red Garnet
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Success Bracelet, PyriteSuccess Bracelet, Pyrite
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Success Bracelet, Pyrite

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Intuition Bracelet, Lapis LazuliIntuition Bracelet, Lapis Lazuli
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Healing Bracelet, Pink TourmalineHealing Bracelet, Pink Tourmaline
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Meditation Bracelet, AmethystMeditation Bracelet, Amethyst
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Love Bracelet, Rosequartz
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Transformational Jewelry made to Raise Your Vibration and Manifest Your Dreams.

Activated Crystals - Precious Metals Elegant Design - Handmade With Love

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It is the most Powerful, Beautiful, Life Changing piece of Jewelry you have Ever Owned.
We combine Activated Crystals with Precious Metals and Elegant Design to Create an Outstanding Piece of Jewelry that will Help You Transform Your Life for the Better and Manifest Your Dreams through the Secret Power of Crystals.


Energy Bracelets