How you find the right crystal to transform your life

The first question that always pops up in our mind when first choosing a crystal is „How do I know which one is the best for me and my situation?“
But often you aren’t the one choosing the stone but rather the crystal choosing you like a lot of our customers reported to us.

Either way there are 3 main approaches you can take in order to find the perfect crystal for you. 
Keep in mind that no matter which approach you take you can never make a wrong decision. Every crystal will come into your life for a reason and they have their own unique ways of finding and providing you with the exact lesson or energies that you need right now.

Our favourite way of finding the perfect crystals is to completely follow your intuition and to trust your inner voice. Keep your heart and mind completely open and let the crystal „speak“ to you.
When you are going through our variety of stones you will most likely feel extremely drawn towards a specific crystal. There is this mysterious attraction and communication between you and the stone. You might feel a tingling and deep excitement rising from within in you. And you will know that this is the perfect one for you.

Another way to find the best crystal for you is by setting a specific intention on what you want to manifest or transform in your life. Ask yourself what’s most important for you right now. What do you want to become better at? Which area of your life do you want to grow more? What are your Goals? Ones you are clear on that you can choose „transformational powers“ on our website navigation and find an intention or area that’s aligning to what you are looking for. Click on what you want to transform in your life right now and you will see all crystals that will help you manifest your intentions and provide you with the specific energy to improve that area of your life. 

The third way is the easiest for people that have a more rational approach when it comes to decision making. It’s best for you to read through the different properties of our crystals that you will find in the product description or in the „mystery school“ section of our website. This way you see all the effects and powers of our stones and then decide which provides exactly what you need in your life right now. 

A lot of people ask us about what’s the best crystal for their zodiac sign. Since we are all so unique and in different life situations we at Crystal Clear Vision recommend not to choose a stone only by your zodiac sign but rather by looking deeper into your character and what you need in your life right now. By looking at your Zodiac chart you can understand yourself better and then set an intention whether you want a crystal to support your strengths and character traits or to help you balance and transform weaknesses and challenges you currently have.

Of course you can always reach out to us by mail or on instagram and we are happy to help you find the best stone for you.

Choose Your Crystal To Transform Your Life For The Better