The hidden power of crystals and minerals


Throughout the ages, crystals and minerals have been revered for their unique and energetic properties. Known as the living embodiment of sacred geometry, many crystals have been understood and used by indigenous people, royal families, sacred civilizations and master healers for healing, transformation and attracting energies. 

To this day, crystals and minerals play an essential role in the most important aspects of our society. From wristwatches to cell phones, satellites and computers, they rule our world. Even the value of entire countries is closely related to the reserves of gold, crystals and minerals. It is unimaginable to live in a world where crystals have no influence, yet many people misunderstand them and doubt their powers. 

As Nikola Tesla said, crystals are living beings that possess consciousness, just like plants, animals and humans. You can think of them like living computers, storing and transforming the energy that flows through them. Each crystal carries a permanent and specific energetic vibration that is extremely unique.

To reach their full potential, they need to be activated and programmed, just like a computer needs software and electricity to function.

A few years ago, our founder was initiated into the sacred art and hidden powers of crystals and learned to activate them to unleash their full power for us. This activation makes them far more valuable and potent than the traditional crystals you can buy on the market. 

With Crystal Clear Vision we now share this incredibly valuable treasure of our earth to help you transform your life and manifest the reality you desire.