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Adorable crystals in all colors of the rainbow. According to our highest quality standards, each crystal is unique and has been handpicked for you with love.


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Rainbow Aura Cluster
Sale priceFrom €10
Sunset Aura Quartz
Sale priceFrom €5
Amethyst Point
Sale price€15
Lemuria quartz Points
Sale priceFrom €6
Pyrite Cube
Sale priceFrom €22
Aura Obsidian Star
Sale price€9
Rainbow Aura Faden Quartz
Sale priceFrom €26
Obsidian Stars
Sale price€7
Moldavite 6.9gMoldavite 6.9g
Moldavite 6.9g
Sale price€399
Moldavite 11gMoldavite 11g
Moldavite 11g
Sale price€555
Quartz Point
Sale price€25
Selenite sphere
Sale price€149
Regenbogen Aura Quartz Brilliant CutRegenbogen Aura Quartz Brilliant Cut