and Inner Truth 

Chakras: Throat, Crown, 
Element: Water
Origin: Brazil, USA, Colombia
SiO2+Au Silicondioxide (quartz) fused with elemental Gold


  • Communication & Public Speaking
  • Expressing emotions
  • Inner Truth 
  • Releasing Limitations
  • Empathy & Telepathy
  • Calmness
  • Releasing stress & tension
  • Healing the Aura
  • Expanding consciousness
  • New Opportunities

Transformational Powers
Aqua Aura Quartz is known to eliminate all fears of speaking up for your self and expressing your emotions and needs. It releases limitations on all levels, opening one up to new opportunities and your spiritual gifts. Providing deep insights into your personal truth, your mission and highest potential. It is therefore a perfect stone for career-minded people and all those who are looking to develop all of their potential and abilities. Healing the aura and stimulating the energy system, it accelerates soul evolution and increasing the flow of life force energy within you.
Knowing your highest potential, your truth of life and expressing this energy will help you to carry your dreams and visions out into the world.
Carrying all properties of clear quartz like raising one's vibration and aligning all chakras it is mainly connected to the throat chakra. It supports you to heal traumas related to speaking in front of others and expressing your feelings and needs. It will let you communicate effectively in all endeavours. Increasing your awareness of your spiritual potential and your capabilities the Aqua Aura will aid you in discovering your inner truth and understanding your true nature. Releasing stress, tension and providing calmness in all life situations.

With its radiating, iridescent deep blue color the Aqua Aura will catch your eye immediately. Its magical energy will speak to your heart making you wonder about the powers of this stone. 
Relying on the ancient power of alchemy it's a man made crystal created by using natural clear quartz fused with elemental gold. 
By electrostatically bonding a few atomic layers of gold to the quartz crystal a new energetic compound with an extremely high vibration and powerful properties is created. They can be used for healing purposes and personal transformation.

Keep in mind to handle all Aura Crystals very carefully for they can be fragile and brittle and should not be dropped or come into contact with any hard objects that can scratch off the Aura.