and Manifestation

Chakras: Heart, Crown
Element: Ether
Origin: Czech Republic
Chemistry: SiO2 Silicondioxide 


  • Manifestation
  • Wealth & Prosperity
  • Life Purpose
  • Spiritual Development
  • Good Luck
  • Personal Transformation
  • Relationships
  • Expanded Consciousness
  • Healing
  • Protection

Transformational Powers
Known as the Holy Grail of crystals the Moldavite is the most powerful stone for boosting personal transformation, attracting prosperity and expanding your consciousness.
Carrying a Moldavite necklace or using it during meditation will start to expand your consciousness on all levels. This will open up any path of meditation and connecting you with the divine cosmic consciousness. Downloading new knowledge that is put to practice, interactions with higher dimensional beings, helpers and guides that support you on your journey or healing the physical or emotional body is becoming more natural. Receiving higher guidance will elevate your learning process and let you see the world with new eyes. 
The Moldavite catalyses change in all aspects of life by bringing everything to the surface that needs to be healed and faced. Going through this process will release all blockages that keep you from attracting prosperity and positive relationships. It teaches you to let go of what keeps you from moving forward and helps you detach from the material world. Keeping a more observing state is key to actively creating what you desire instead of being reactive to people and situations. This also makes it easier to understand and forgive others, as well as yourself. 
Moldavite further attracts good luck and fortune while protecting you from negative energies. Strongly protecting the heart chakra it is an extremely good stone for healers and energy workers. It further helps you to tune into peoples energy when working with them. Moldavites can almost look black but they radiate a green powerful light of healing energy.
An outstandingly good crystal for anyone who intends to cut his learning curve, rise to new levels of consciousness and to dive deeper into understanding the mysteries of this world.