Protection, Transformation
and Liberation

Chakras: Root
Element: Earth
Origin: All over the world
Chemistry: SiO2 Silicondioxide 


  • Protection
  • Power
  • Stability
  • Liberation
  • Cleansing the Aura
  • Healing
  • Shadow work
  • Personal Insight

Transformational Powers
This mysterious black crystal is one of the most powerful stones regarding protection, personal empowerment and the release of deep inner traumas or limiting patterns. On the surface it provides you with an energetic shield which is strongly protecting you against any kind of physical or psychic attacks, energetic vampires, draining people and against any harm, negativity or bad intentions. While cleansing your aura from low vibrations it grounds and connects you to earth and the material world creating a feeling of safety, stability and security.
On a deeper level obsidian is helping you to reflect on your inner being, facing everything that needs to be faced and showing you limiting patterns that hold you in the past. It makes you aware of self manipulating behaviour and releases deep traumas  or suppressed emotions. By integrating shadow aspects and transmuting negativity on all levels it helps you to free your soul and empowering you from within while assisting you to create a framework that supports your hearts desires. Cutting off unwanted energetic cords between two souls it frees you on multiple levels enabling you to heal traumas and love again.
Going through this healing process of shadow work will bring you back to living your true spiritual path with integrity and revealing the beauty of your soul. It’s a wonderful crystal for anyone who is looking for a feeling of safety and stability while freeing your soul from traumas and gaining personal insight on a deeper level.