Opportunity, Expansion
and Joy

Chakras: Crown, All Chakras
Element: Ether
Origin: Brazil, USA, Colombia
SiO2+ Si Silicondioxide (quartz) fused with elemental Silicon


  • Joy & Optimism
  • Contentment
  • Cleanses the Aura
  • Balances all Chakras
  • Concentration & Focus
  • Raises Vibration
  • Creativity
  • Openness
  • Trauma Healing
  • Releasing limitations

Transformational Powers
The Rainbow Aura Quartz is one of the best stones to start your crystal journey. It will raise your Vibration instantly, cleansing your Aura and aligning your entire chakra system. Carrying a very high vibration it will help release any limiting beliefs, programmings and blockages in your energetic grid, opening you up to new opportunities and greater possibilities. By increasing the flow of life force energy within you, it creates a feeling of joy, contentment and concentration within you. Amplifying the light you radiate outward you’re likely noticed as a more friendly, open and positive person. 
With the higher frequency that the Rainbow Aura integrates into your field it catalyses greater awareness and a union with the divine consciousness letting you integrate the flow state into your life more consistently. It’s also known to aid you in attracting more love and romance into your life making it a very powerful all-round crystal for anyone who is looking to unfold more of their potential.

When the sparkling rainbow reflection of the Rainbow Aura Quartz catches your eye you immediately fall into a trance of awe. Turning it in your hands will let you experience the infinite possibilities of light being reflected in different angles, colours and shades. You immediately feel the beauty and ease the stone is carrying and radiating out into the space around it. A truly magical creation to raise the vibration on this planet bringing more beauty and light to this world.
Relying on the ancient power of alchemy it's a man made crystal created by using natural clear quartz fused with elemental Silicon. 
By electrostatically bonding a few atomic layers of Silicon to the Quartz crystal a new energetic compound with an extremely high vibration and powerful properties is created. They can be used for healing purposes and personal transformation.

Keep in mind to handle all Aura Crystals very carefully for they can be fragile and brittle and should not be dropped or come into contact with any hard objects that can scratch off the Aura.