Passion, Creativity
and Adventure 

Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus, Crown
Element: Fire
Origin: Brazil, USA, Colombia
SiO2+ Fe Silicondioxide (quartz) fused with elemental Iron


  • Creativity
  • Sexuality
  • Courage
  • Confidence
  • Adventure
  • Spiritual exploration
  • Uplifts Mood and Spirit
  • Fun & Joy
  • Amplified Intentions & Manifestation


Transformational Powers


Sunset Aura Quartz will help you to ignite your inner flame of passion, desire and creativity. This crystal carries the pure energy of the sacral chakra which is connected to pleasure, social relationships, adventure and motivation. It will uplift your mood and lead you into alignment with your true life path providing you with the courage to take action and make the necessary decisions.
It carries the energy of the setting sun on a tropical beach providing you with a feeling of joy, confidence and courage by stimulating the solar plexus chakra. It inspires personal growth, spiritual development and a deep excitement for life, increasing the desire to experience all the beautiful things this world has to offer. 
Awakening the adventurer within you and expanding your inner awareness, the Sunset Aura enhances your intuition on the physical plane. 
This includes everything related to sexuality and social interactions. Working from the lower to the higher chakras by activating your kundalini energy it creates a pathway to your higher self through the crown chakra, therefore supporting self study and spiritual exploration.
Helping you to repel all kinds of negative energies it creates a feeling of comfort within, which will enable you to face lifes challenges cheerfully and dynamically. It further amplifies your Intentions accelerating the manifestation process.
A wonderful crystal for anyone who desires to intensify and broaden his spectrum of adventures and life experiences on the physical plane, while learning more about oneself and connecting to your true self.


This magical orange crystal embodies all energies and experiences of enjoying a warm, colourful sunset from a mountain top or a beach on a tropical island after a long day of exploring the beauty of this world, going on adventures and creating somethingne. It will make you remember the ease of life and awaken the adventurer within you.
Relying on the ancient power of alchemy it's a man made crystal created by using natural clear quartz fused. By electrostatically bonding a few atomic layers of Iron to the Quartz crystal a new energetic compound with an extremely high vibration and powerful properties is created. They can be used for healing purposes and personal transformation.

Keep in mind to handle all Aura Crystals very carefully for they can be fragile and brittle and should not be dropped or come into contact with any hard objects that can scratch off the Aura.