We live in a very special time in which the transition into a new age is taking place. At the moment there are so many indigos, crystal children and lightworkers - including me, incarnated in as never before. The task of these light bearers is to awaken peoples consciousness, bring healing and create the transition into the new age.

I have always had the gift of being very empathetic with my fellow human beings and animals. I intuitively feel which emotions and often even which thoughts go through my counterpart's head. In the meantime I have realized how valuable this skill is in relation to inner healing and the releasing of blockages. I wanted to expand and consolidate this ability and I found that working with cards is a very effective tool for this.

I did my training with Kyle Gray, a successful medium and speaker.

The cards offer the possibility to clarify what our subconscious - often called the inner voice or intuition already knows on a psychological level and make it more tangible for our human mind. Based on the law of attraction, we subconsciously draw the cards that tell us what we need to hear / feel and subconsciously already  knew. Readings are therefore less esoteric than many might think, but rather reconnect us with our inner wisdom.

The processes and emotions within us sometimes feel like a puzzle. All the pieces are there, but somehow it is not yet tangible and every now and then an impulse from outside is needed to put the individual pieces of the puzzle together to form a picture.

Working with cards makes it even easier for me to find the common thread and work my way to the core of the topics that concern you at the moment, to exemplify them for you and thus to help you to accelerate your personal growth and to shine in your fullest potential.

The inside of every person is art. Colors, shapes and structures that are just waiting to be put together to form a beautiful picture. My goal is to help you with things like readings, Reiki and (spiritual) coachings to be yourself, honor yourself for who you truly are and to encourage you to live your truth in every aspect of your life. 


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