Strength <br> Red Garnet
Strength <br> Red Garnet
Strength <br> Red Garnet
Strength <br> Red Garnet
Strength <br> Red Garnet

Red Garnet

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- High Quality Crystal Jewelry
- Authentic Crystals and Precious Metals K
Handmade with Love in Hamburg, Germany

Iolite - darkblue:14-16cm
Morganite - pink:14-16cm
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⚒️   Handgefertigt in Hamburg
🙏🏼   Aktivierte Kristalle

Crystal: Red Garnet, Pyrite
Bead Size: 4mm
Energy: Protection, Power, Self Trust
Related Chakras: Root Chakra, Solar Plexus
Shipping Content
  • Red Garnet Bracelet with 925 Silver Accents
  • Instructions to complete the activation process 
  • Certificate of authenticity 
  • Lovely Packaging
Energetic Properties
  • Vitality & Health
  • Mental & Physical Strength
  • LIfe Force Energy
  • Protection
  • Security
  • Self Trust
  • Stability
  • Enhancing Manifestation
  • Success
Sacred Ascension - Collection
All of our crystals are energetically activated for you. This will enable the crystal to tap into your energy field and to unfold its transformational powers for you while wearing it close to your body.
Each piece of the Sacred Ascension Collection has been hand picked, designed and manufactured by our Founder the CrystalKid. For this collection only the most precious metals have been used for the setting, manufactured with the highest quality standards. This will ensure the creation of a piece of jewelry that is elegant, unique, precious and powerful. 

Handmade with Love

Unser Schmuck entsteht in liebevoller Handarbeit in unserer kleinen Manufaktur in Hamburg. 
Wir entwerfen all unsere Designs selber und arbeiten liebevoll so lange an einer Anfertigung, bis sie deinen und unseren Vorstellungen entspricht. 
Unser Ziel ist es, in jedem Schmuckstück den Zauber der darin verarbeiteten Kristalle zu unterstreichen und zum Ausdruck zu bringen. 

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