Our Mission

We are here to assist the Shift of Consciousness on this Planet and take part in Manifesting Heaven on Earth by creating and providing Activated Crystal Jewelry and Ascension Tools that help You to Manifest Your Dreams, Raise Your Vibration, Align with Your Highest Purpose and to create the Life You Truly Desire for Yourself.

The Brand

Crystal Clear Vision was founded in 2018 by Peer Lück(The CrystalKid) and Richard Büttner with the Vision to share the hidden powers of crystals and their beauty with the Visionaries and Star seeds of this world in the form of uniquely elegant crystal jewelry. Our activated crystals are to support you on your personal journey of creating the life that you desire for yourself.

Every Piece is made to support the beauty of each stone inspired by the magic hiding in crystals and everywhere around us. All of our designs come to life through The CrystalKid who lets the universal energy speak through his creations. He energetically activates all of our crystals through an ancient ritual to raise their energy level and unlock their full powers to ensure they bring the greatest results into your life.

At Crystal Clear Vision we view ourselves and every being as unique and infinitely precious. We set the same standards for our jewelry creations by focusing on quality, beauty, elegance, longevity and individuality for our collections. Through our crystal jewelry we intent to create an experience of the connection between the spiritual and the material world.

About The CrystalKid

After being introduced to the powers of activated crystals and the world beyond the material realm in 2017 his love for crystals grew even further beyond the apparent beauty and deeper into the hidden powers and transformational potential of them. 

After discovering his passion for jewelry making and crafting he started making his first crystal necklaces. Inspired to start his own jewelry label after meeting Jaden Smith he fully dedicated himself to learning jewelry making and working on his creations.