Well understood by ancient civilisations and adepts as the living embodiment of sacred geometry, crystals and minerals have been utilised throughout the ages to heal, attract and transform energy.
Nowadays modern science and technology basically uses stones and crystals to power our modern world. From wrist watches to lasers, cellphones and jewelry and even currency, no human being has lived unaffected by these magical stones.
And yet most still do not understand and doubt their power.
Crystals and minerals are literal quantum accelerators of energy and information - acting as „living computers“. Like every other computer it is not enough to know how to charge them, but you must also be able switch them on in order to interface with them.
That is what makes our crystals so much more powerful than any other stone you can buy on the market. These living computers have been „switched on“ for you and placed on „standby“ mode until you speak the activation prayer that will awaken them indefinitely.
All the stones of our collection are hand selected, cleansed, prayed over and programmed in order to raise their vibration permanently to awake their processor so they can interface with you on a spiritual, mental and physical level to bring the greatest results into your life.

The Powers of Crystals

When talking about the powers of crystals we need to keep in mind that they mostly work on an energetic level which means we can only measure it but can’t see it with our eyes.
Just like bluetooth, wifi radio or gravity, we need to accept that it is  present.
Acting as „living computers“ we can apply crystals in countless ways in order to benefit from them personally in all areas of our life.
When activated (like all of our Crystal Clear Vision stones) they can be used in our daily lives to manifest the wealth, freedom, relationships and health we desire, improve the way we feel, reach new levels in meditation, experience vivid dreams, and guide us to greater understanding, to name a few of the things they are capable of.
Wether for beginners or adepts wearing them as a talisman or necklace is one of the best ways to let the crystals interact with our personal energy.
The law of vibration states that „everything moves, nothing rests“ meaning that everything in this universe is made up of energy manifesting itself through the different rates of vibrations perceived through our senses.
What we call feeling is simply the conscious awareness of the vibration that we are in. And the way we feel on a daily basis will determine the results we have in our life concerning our physical health, our happiness, our social skills, the impact we have on others, our financial situation and anything else you can imagine.
As a matter of fact you will constantly attract the things you are in harmonious vibration with.
When the energy around us is flowing through a crystal it is accelerated and transformed into a specific vibration depending on the type of crystals. This energy will then be emitted altering the energy of our body and the matrix of reality itself.
Therefore attracting over time the circumstances we desire.


 Our entire universe follows a variety of laws with mathematical precision based on geometry, equations and numbers. Yet we rarely notice these patterns until we start looking for them. Sacred geometry is underlying the behaviour and constitution of our reality penetrating every plane. Reaching from the smallest particle to atoms, our bodies, plants, trading charts to the constellation of our solar system and everything beyond. Crystals are the most obvious manifestation of sacred geometry growing in the shape of cubes, octagons, dodecahedrons hexagons and many other shapes. This is also the reason of their great powers due to their close connection to the source. When we start to recognise these patterns and learn to understand them we will acknowledge that there is a force far greater thanks us which is underlying everything. When we are able to live in harmony with this „infinite intelligence“ and its laws we will know how to manifest our desires in a more efficient manner.


Like everything else in this universe our body is made up of energy which is flowing within each of us. The 7 Chakras are the main energy centers of the body aligning perfectly with the spine, starting from the base and moving up to the top of our head. 
The term Chakra translated from Sanskrit, meaning „wheel“, is a literal center of rotating energy. Each Chakra is vibrating at a certain speed matching one of the 7 colors of the rainbow, connecting to certain organs. Together they correspond to personal qualities like survival, sex drive, emotions, self expression and all other aspects of our personal life. If a Chakra is blocked, or out of balance it will have an effect on our physical health as well as our outside reality and how we feel.

Crystals can also help us to balance out all of our Chakras and to change our overall energy. This will effect our personal energy physically, mentally and spiritually therefore changes our results we get in the outside world.