Cansen Kiran - Moldavite 18k Gold
„I don't think there was a single day that I was outside and didn't wear the stone! I‘m very happy with it and with the bracelet too. Since wearing the bracelet in combination with my moldavite, I had the feeling that the vibration and resonance between my Moldavite and myself had strengthened again. I‘m very impressed.“

Marcel - Aqua Aura
„The Aqua Aura Quartz is amazing. A real gem in terms of design and workmanship. 🙏
I got it especially because of its supportive strength in communication skills and have to admit that I can act much more freely in front of other people since I wear it. thanks for that! 😊“

Fabio Menner - Multiple Pieces
„I really like the pendant so much! It‘s very, very nice and beautiful, especially when light is shining on it. My experience is, that I just feel different, I definitely notice a change, it’s something that I can’t really describe. It‘s as if there was an energy center right in front of my body. It makes me feel a lot more lively, so I think that it does what is described on the website. I’m completely satisfied. And I've even recommended it a few times.“
Enzo - Multiple Pieces
„I am not only satisfied but very happy with the totality of your service. I love my Crystal, I don't like to take it off and nobody is allowed to touch it. I feel less alone and sometimes spend time just admiring him.“

Jendrik - Titanium Aura 18k Gold
„The pieces are amazing, especially the one of a kind Kyanite 😍 So well made and the design is astonishing, quality etc. Everything is really good. I had no experience with crystals before, but the ones I have now, are awesome. A lot has changed in my life since I started wearing the crystals. The change didn’t happen overnight, but gradually I noticed how each effect of the crystals set into motion. A lot has changed in a positive way. 
As I said, quality is overwhelming and the support is really really good. I always feel like I have quick answer and Peer is a great advisor 💪“

Kevin - Chakra Bracelet
„I personally notice that I am much more balanced and feel less hatred. I have linked these with my own chains and benefit greatly from the strength. The quality is good. The packaging was amazing. I would like to know how I can clean the bracelets. Other than that, I can only thank you and look forward to more jewelry.“

Chris - Multiple Jewelry Pieces
„The products that I own are so beautiful and I wear them all the time. Something changed within me, that‘s for sure. I feel more focused and balanced. 🙏🏻
The support was amazing, I got super fast replies in the Instagram chat, even when it came to special requests etc. 
Very good, I can only recommend it 🙏🏻“
Daniel - Moldavite
„When I took the moldavite in my hand, it felt strange or better said I had a strange feeling …
I had a bit of a difficult family in general and a violent childhood ... There are still things that I have to deal with … Anyways, something negative happened after a few days and I was wearing the Moldavite ... It didn't pull me down that much as it usually would have happened ... and even though it was a bad situation it didn't distract me from work like usual ... 
I am highly sensitive and struggle a bit with sensory overload and too many thoughts ... In contrast to the past, I was able to think more clearly despite having many thoughts and was able tolerate triggers/stimuli better.
I also have more thoughts of productivity like for example what I can still do to improve my day and finding solutions was easier for me too. „

Josefine - Chakra Bracelet
„I am very happy with the chakra bracelet. Since I've been wearing it, I have definitely felt a lot more balanced, I no longer have so intense moodswings and also notice that I have a much deeper sleep. I am also very satisfied with the quality. Definitely won't be my last bracelet of yours. “
Anke - Aqua Aura
„I am definitely satisfied with the quality. The Aqua Aura always puts a smile on my face and I feel like I am more positive and don’t get stressed so quickly. I also feel like I have more power and more energy. My boyfriend and I bought it together, well, he has one and I have one. We were in Hamburg and Peer handed them over to us personally. The next day, we activated our Aqua Aura’s and had the feeling that they made us more positive and it felt like the crystals were radiating heat and doing something with us. It was an amazing feeling.“ 
(I've only been wearing the other bracelet for a week. I don't have much to say about that yet. I feel like it somehow keeps me in balance and I'm more relaxed but also more emotional. I was a bit close to the water after I had it on for the first two or three days.) 
The customer support was also great and very kind. You have beautiful products and I especially like your stories on Instagram. They have so much power and I often find myself in them. I also think your motivation is great and I am grateful that Richard Büttner referred me to you.“