What is a reading and what is the goal?


Do you sometimes feel


-that you simply can't get any further in certain areas of your life

-that your energy stagnates and is no longer in flux

-that some aspects of yourself may no longer serve you and may be let go

-that your angels / spirit guides / ancestors want to tell you something, but you are not (yet) sure what

-that you would like to take a different perspective in a situation

-that you are in a time of (personal) growth and that support would do you good

-that you want to develop your potential and your talents even more


For all of these points, card reading can be very valuable for you and your development.

We are all in constant change and transformation processes on a spiritual and / or material level. Situations and circumstances change and so do we, striving to be mentally and physically well. Change is not always easy and sometimes it even hurts, but I promise you that in every situation, however difficult it may seem, there is magic. The magic of healing. The magic of the experiences and knowledge that you gain when you boldly evolve.

All it takes is a first step. Then another, another, and another and at some point, you notice that you have managed to experience healing from your situation and have even become stronger than before.

The impulses that the cards and I give you during a reading help you to understand connections on a deeper level and provide clarity. Your reading can be your first step to get on your very own personal path, to live your full potential and to show the world your light.



How does a reading work:


Once you have decided on a specific reading, we will get in the right mood for the session and the cards. Here we can refer to a specific question or situation that you would like to know more about, or generally look at where you are in life. It is up to you what you choose. To me it is important that you feel comfortable and secure during the entire reading.

Then we draw cards for you and I explain the meaning to you in their respective position and in the entire placement system. At the end of the reading you will have clarity about what your strengths are, where your current challenges are and how you can overcome them.