Sacred Ascension

Citrine Bracelet

Wrist Size:

Shipping Content

  • Citrine & Aura Quartz Bracelet with 925 Silver Accents
  • Instructions to complete the activation process 
  • Certificate of authenticity 

Energetic Properties

Stone of Abundance
Chakra: Solar Plexus, Heart, Root 

  • Abundance on all levels
  • Creativity
  • Confidence
  • Fun & Joy
  • Success
  • Physical Wealth
  • Safety

Citrine is an essential stone for everyone who intends to create more abundance and wealth in all areas of his life. This Crystal carries a vibration that will let you feel more confident and creative while inspiring you to have more fun while enjoying the present moment. 
This particular Citrine is very unique for it has a slightly green color with smoky phantom which is extremely rare to find.

Sacred Ascension - Collection

All of our crystals are energetically activated for you. This will enable the crystal to tap into your energy field and to unfold its transformational powers for you while wearing it close to your body.

Each piece of the Sacred Ascension Collection has been hand picked, designed and manufactured by our Founder the CrystalKid. For this collection only the most precious metals have been used for the setting, manufactured with the highest quality standards. This will ensure the creation of a piece of jewelry that is elegant, unique, precious and powerful. 

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