Clear Vision Reading

€33 €77
Your inner truth is the most precious thing you will ever own. ♥

The impulses that you get during a reading help you to understand connections on a deeper level and provide clarity about what potential already lies within you  and can be developed even more, what your challenges are and what your next steps could look like.
Your reading can be a further step on your journey of expanding your full potential and bringing your light into the world. 

 With this reading you have two options about what you want to know more about: 

Option 1:

deeper information about the topics:

Your person / family

Relationships / romance

Career / calling

Option 2:

Information on a specific situation or question that you would like to know more about.

The booking process 

After you booked your reading you get an e-mail with further information. I contact you and we are setting up the date of your reading and whether you want to have it online or in person. 

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