Elevate Me

Mother of Pearl Earrings #111


Shipping Content

  • M;other of Pearl Rose Earrings with Silver Setting
  • Instructions to complete the activation process 
  • Certificate of authenticity 

Energetic Properties

Stone of Purity and Integrity
Chakras: Heart, Crown

  • Purity and Innocence
  • Integrity and Faith
  • Loyalty and Honesty
  • Prosperity
  • Physical and Emotional Purification 
  • Supporting Pregnancy and Childbirth

Elevate Me - Collection

All of our crystals are energetically activated for you. This will enable the crystal to tap into your energy field and to unfold its transformational powers for you while wearing it close to your body.

Every Jewelry piece of the Elevate Me Collection is handmade with a high quality sterling silver setting. Combining activated and uniquely shaped or structured Crystals with a classic, beautiful setting will ensure an exceptional crystal jewelry piece for an affordable price.

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